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'desert owl' cyanotype on paper

'desert owl' cyanotype on paper, 22x30 inch, 1/1

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the great tumbleweed migration *click it*

tumbleweed and yucca make out and 'hairy panic' down under



compost palette....needs more browns

Pseudobombax elipticum

compost pile

mountains for maimi

my garden in Brooklyn summer 2005

Jimson Weed in gardens gone wild in Brooklyn

banana flower in Colombia

Aloe light

heavenly blue

how to drive

our compost pile at Residencia en la Tierra, Colombia

moss forever, and ever, amen

compost composition

Homegrown Kale Salad all year long

food gardening in a boat...florida keys style with tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, papayas and a ladder to pick them

Wild Tamarind

how trees grow in key west...big and broad

the creamers

"Lichenes" from Ernst Haeckel's Artforms of Nature, 1904

and other places i love

plant sculpture

baby poinciana, observed

cactus kinship with adult, predecessor and baby

mango and frangi pani compost

compost compositions and friends

red mangrove in bloom!

frangipani, plumeria baby

everyday compost compositions

frangipani time!

here's to being madly in love with it all

african sausage tree

thinking about springtime in the mountains

how i feel still


Plant lover's action says, "Plant it wherever you can."

biomass galore, key west, florida

that's all

its a home grown pineapple people